Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Full range of systems to suit all applications.

  • Industry standard open protocol panels
  • Multiple area setting facilities
  • Alarm Receiving Centre monitoring for Police & Keyholder response
  • 24 Hour a day, 365 day a year engineer response
  • Free survey and design service

For most businesses and many commercial operations it is a requirement of the insurance policy to have an intruder system installed.

ARC Fire Safety & Security install a range of industry standard systems to suit any application. A survey and consultation with the client to understand the use and risks of the property or business is always undertaken before a proposal is submitted.

On new projects, ARC Fire Safety can arrange a turnkey package to include the fire and security systems and ensure all installation work is completed at the same time.

From a single sounder to fully monitored systems, the response of the system can be tailored to your risk level and requirements. All surveys are undertaken free of charge and obligation.


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