Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is one of the essential life safety systems that has to be provided by an owner or responsible person of a building that constitutes a place of work of public access site.

Emergency lighting systems should, if properly designed, installed and maintained, reduce the possibility of an accident or loss of life in the event of an electrical power failure in an emergency situation, e.g. fire alarm evacuation, by providing illumination to the escape routes from the premises.

ARC Fire Safety & Security will recommend a standalone emergency lighting system, in order to ensure reliable and economic future testing and part replacement.

Emergency lighting maintenance is usually combined with the fire alarm service visits to ensure a cost effective solution for the client.

  • All systems comply with BS5266.
  • Illumination during lighting/power failure for safe evacuation.
  • Latest LED technology.
  • Maintenance to coincide with fire alarm testing.

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