Door Retainers
Dependable Door Retainers for Maximum Safety by ARC

Door Retainers

Standard Magnetic Door Retainers

Standard Magnetic Door Retainers The most widely used door retaining device, these units are either floor or wall mounted and are wired into the fire alarm so they release upon a fire alarm activation.

Overhead Door Retainers

Where it may be awkward to site a floor or wall mounted retainer, an overhead unit can be fitted to the top of the door frame, and again this will be wired into the fire alarm to release on activation. These units offer the advantage of allowing the door to be left open at any angle, so they are perfect for care home room doors.

Salamander Wire Free Retainers

A wire free solution, a main panel is sited near the fire alarm panel, and then up to 90 wire free door retainers can be fitted to doors up to a maximum of 100 metres away. This can be further boosted using a small extender panel. This system is the ideal solution when a radio fire alarm system is being installed, resulting in a completely wire free installation.

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