ARC Fire Safety & Security can provide a pre-design consultation service to assist existing or new clients through the initial stages of discussion and reaching a fire safety solution.

Many clients have found that they have benefitted from our consultation service through the early stages of a project. Consultation support could be in the form of comparison costs - possibly for Section 20 requirement , design , assistance and advice on regulatory requirements, insurance requirements or fire risk assessment.

The Design and Consultancy service could include ( but is not limited to ) :

* Liaison and consultation discussions with Fire risk assessors or other consultants

* Liaison and consultation with third party contractors and service providers as required to support the site/client specific design

* Consideration and study of site layout to confirm equipment locations and cable route requirements as part of final design

* Full radio propagation survey and report and confirmation of equipment locations including interface to third party systems

* Any additional site attendances by Design and Installation team

* Full and comprehensive design solution, highlighting scope of required works, itemized schedule of equipment, project costs ( total, phased and separate items - as required )


On receipt of our fire alarm design solution, the client will have a pre-project document highlighting all known aspects of the site/client specific fire alarm requirements. This can then be presented by the client to their fire risk assessor or other parties for consideration and/or used as a template for other parties wishing to provide suitably accurate comparrison project costs.


All of our Consultation packages are site and client specific. Please contact us if this service would assist you with initial pre-design discussions and requirements.

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