Edgeborough School, Nr Farnham

Edgeborough School, Nr Farnham

Education Wireless Fire Alarm

Following on from a fire risk assessment, the client had been advised to upgrade the existing fire alarm system, including a complete rewire and additional protection. Faced with the proposed advice ( by others) of stretching a phased hardwired upgrade of the existing fire alarm across several school holidays, ARC Fire Safety & Security came up with a more preferable and less disruptive solution.

With a phased upgrade using the EMS FIrecell wireless radio system, our engineers were able to carry out the required equipment replacements during the school term with no disruption to the school operations or lessons. With the incoming controls infrastructure in place and working temporarily in tandem with the outgoing system, the engineers were able to quickly replace existing devices in the busy classrooms during break times. The programming and eventual swap-over, leading to the final decommission of the outgoing system was all carried out at the control panel with the lessons continuing undistrurbed.

 Because of the reduced installation time, the radio option was also cheaper than the previous hardwired proposal. The work was then supported with an ongoing programme of routine inspections and maintenance.

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