ARC Fire Safety & Security Featured in Parliamentary Review 2017

 01 September 2017
ARC Fire Safety & Security Featured in Parliamentary Review 2017


ARC Fire Safety & Security has carved its name into the annals of industry excellence, featuring in this year's Parliamentary Review, a prestigious annual publication that showcases the achievements and challenges of organisations across various commercial sectors. The inclusion of ARC Fire Safety & Security in such a respected review highlights the company's pivotal role in shaping fire safety standards and innovation within the industry. This recognition is a testament to ARC's dedication to excellence, innovation, and the nurturing of future talent in the fire safety and security sector.

A Landmark Project at The Royal Society

Central to ARC's feature in The Parliamentary Review is the detailed account of their successful completion of a large radio fire detection system at The Royal Society in London. This project is not just a technical achievement but a hallmark of ARC's ability to integrate advanced fire safety solutions within the fabric of historical significance. The Royal Society, a beacon of scientific endeavour and heritage, required a fire detection system that could provide state-of-the-art protection without compromising the architectural integrity of the building. ARC's innovative approach and meticulous execution of the radio fire detection system installation stand as a prime example of how modern technology can be seamlessly integrated into historic premises, ensuring safety while preserving history.

Championing Future Talent: The Story of James Ferris

The Parliamentary Review also sheds light on ARC's commitment to fostering new talent in the fire safety industry through the story of James Ferris, a recent apprentice at the company. James' journey from an apprentice to a promising professional in the fire safety and security sector epitomises ARC's investment in the future workforce. By providing hands-on training, mentorship, and real-world project experience, ARC is not just preparing individuals like James for a career in the industry but is also ensuring that the sector continues to evolve with skilled and innovative professionals.

Addressing Industry Concerns

Beyond showcasing their accomplishments, ARC Fire Safety & Security took this opportunity to voice some of the pressing concerns facing the fire safety industry. In their article for The Parliamentary Review, they highlight the challenges of regulatory compliance, the rapid pace of technological advancements, and the need for continuous professional development within the sector. By bringing these issues to the forefront, ARC aims to spark a conversation on how the industry can adapt, innovate, and improve standards to ensure the safety and security of all.

A Celebration of Success

The recognition of ARC Fire Safety & Security's achievements and contributions to the fire safety industry was further commemorated at a reception held at the Houses of Parliament. CEO Alan Simpson and MD Andy Burridge represented the company at this prestigious event, which celebrated the growing success of various industries. Attending such an event not only underscored ARC's role as a leader in fire safety but also provided a platform for networking, sharing insights, and discussing future directions with peers and policymakers.

Forging Ahead with Excellence

ARC Fire Safety & Security's feature in The Parliamentary Review is more than an accolade; it is a reflection of the company's unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the development of the fire safety industry. As ARC continues to lead by example, its story inspires other organisations to pursue excellence, invest in the future workforce, and address the critical challenges facing the industry today. With a focus on safeguarding heritage, championing new talent, and addressing industry concerns, ARC Fire Safety & Security is not just shaping the future of fire safety but is also setting a benchmark for others to follow.

As ARC Fire Safety & Security celebrates this momentous recognition, the company is poised to continue its trajectory of growth, innovation, and leadership in the fire safety and security sector. The inclusion in The Parliamentary Review is not just a milestone but a stepping stone towards achieving greater heights and contributing further to the safety, security, and well-being of communities and heritage sites alike.

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