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Having a fully compliant and robust fire alarm system is, of course, paramount for the ongoing safety of your property. However, over time, it’s inevitable that some elements of your system are going to fail through age, general wear and tear, battery life or some other kind of damage.

Therefore it’s vital for your ongoing safety, and to remain diligent in your duty of care, that you have a regular system of maintenance with a fire alarm testing programme that can highlight and repair any areas of the system that might have grown deficient.

If you’re not testing your fire safety equipment on a regular basis then you can’t be certain that you have a fully functioning system offering you the highest level of protection that you could have.

Don’t let a fire be the occasion when you find out your alarms aren’t working

The worst scenario of course would be if you did happen to have a fire only to find out then that you had some kind of fault in your alarm system. Don’t let this happen to you and your premises.

You need to have a regular testing procedure in place

To ensure that you have a fully operational fire alarm system you need to ensure that you are testing on a regular basis. This could be a combination of an internal testing procedure, maybe a designated official from your workplace, carrying out weekly tests on alarms and other devices, in combination with a more thorough, periodic check of the entire fire alarm system from fully qualified engineers – such as those within our team at ARC Fire Safety.

Weekly Checks

Weekly, or frequent checks of your alarms can be carried out simply and with the minimum of fuss and intrusion to the workplace.

This can be accomplished by use of a simple device known as a call point test key which can be used to trigger the alarm mechanisms at the respective call points throughout your property in order to establish whether or not they are working. Any faults can then be quickly reported and a service engineer called to repair the fault.

As with all safety checks on site, your onsite representative (maybe the facilities manager) should be keeping a record of all testing that’s carried out across the site.

Full, comprehensive fire alarm testing for your entire system

At ARC Fire Safety we deliver a full service to meet all of your fire alarm testing requirements. We will work to a schedule which fits in with your business, ensuring that all testing is carried out with as little fuss and disruption as possible.

Our fully trained engineers will test all aspects of your fire alarm system, with the ability to carry out all necessary repairs and servicing as required. All testing whether scheduled or ad-hoc, will be supported by thorough reporting so that you are fully informed about all aspects concerning the status of your fire alarms.

Carrying out tests across every area of your system our engineers will provide maintenance for:

  • All Call Points
  • Sirens and other Alarms
  • Battery checks
  • Control Panels and Monitors
  • All Detection devices including smoke alarms and heat sensors

The engineers are fully qualified to undertake all servicing and maintenance requirements on your alarm system. Working efficiently in a professional manner they will keep your fire alarm system working to its full capacity.

By incorporating a regular service and testing procedure into the general facilities management of your premises you are ensuring that all appropriate measures are being taken to maximise the safety of your building and the continued well-being of those who work and operate within.

Whether it is an addition to an existing system, upgrade of an older panel or a complete new installation, ARC Fire Safety has the expertise and equipment resource to ensure all your fire safety requirements are met in line with current legislation.

ARC Fire Safety is regularly audited by BAFE inspectors on all aspects of operation from internal paperwork procedures to onsite installation and maintenance work.

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