Fire Alarm Regulations

Addressable Fire alarms

It’s vitally important you ensure that, as the manager or owner of a commercial premises, you are taking the correct measures to comply with fire alarm regulations, as they apply to you.

We understand that it can sometimes be confusing to keep up with each and every aspect of these regulations, however, they are not measures which you can afford to ignore. And, in working with experts in the field of fire safety such as ARC Fire Safety Ltd then you have the facility of working with people who can provide you all the support you need in order to comply.

The Key Points Of Which You Need to be Aware

Fire Risk Assessment

It’s a legal requirement for all commercial properties to conduct and record a thorough risk assessment of your site. You need to be able to show that all potential areas of dangers, hazard or risk have been identified and assessed, with all due diligence having been taken by you to ensure that adequate safety measures have been put into place to minimise the risk to those who work or operate on the site./

Fire Alarms

All fire alarms on the site need to comply with regulations and be appropriate for the task for which they’ve been installed. This includes ensuring that they are located in the correct places, in working order and efficiently maintained / serviced and conforming to the correct sound levels so that they may be adequately heard in the event of an emergency.

Call Points and correctly located

You need to ensure that all call points across the respective zones on your site are correctly located and easily accessible to all. This includes being at a height that all can reach, in an unobstructed location and within no more than 45m walk within the property.

All equipment should be correctly maintained and tested

Maintaining and testing equipment on a regular basis is paramount to ensuring that your fire alarm system is complying with regulation and, more importantly, that your site is as safe as it can be from fire dangers.

Suitable Plans should be made in case of fire emergency

Management should ensure that plans are made for evacuation in the event of a fire with all who are located in the building adequately informed of these measures. This includes correctly signing fire escape routes, call points and meeting points outside of the building. In addition, some liaison with fire and rescue services should be in place.

All equipment should be appropriate to their task and location and compliant with British safety standards

It should go without saying that the equipment and devices which you’ve had installed should be correct for the task at hand. For instance, having the correct fire extinguishers that are suitable to the materials in any given location are imperative. Additionally all the equipment should be of a suitable standard to provide confidence that they will work as required if ever they are needed. Equipment should have been thoroughly tested and comply with British standards of safety and competence before being used in any fire alarm system.

Utilise the expertise of ARC Fire Safety

Ensuring that your property is up to the required standards of safety and compliant with fire alarm regulations is such an important aspect of your health and safety requirements that we would always recommend that you let the experts help. ARC Fire Safety Ltd can provide a full support service to ensure that you have the correct fire alarm system for your property, using the most appropriate equipment and giving you the peace of mind that you’ll be adhering to all the appropriate regulations.

Whether it is an addition to an existing system, upgrade of an older panel or a complete new installation, ARC Fire Safety has the expertise and equipment resource to ensure all your fire safety requirements are met in line with current legislation.

ARC Fire Safety is regularly audited by BAFE inspectors on all aspects of operation from internal paperwork procedures to onsite installation and maintenance work.

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