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Keeping your fire alarm and security systems in full working order is a crucial aspect of your health and safety compliance. For this reason it’s imperative that you put together a regular programme of maintenance and servicing for your systems, ensuring that every component is in full working order.

ARC Fire Safety are able to provide a bespoke service and maintenance programme suitable to the fire alarm and security system that you have installed at your premises. We can tailor the service to meet your specific requirements, providing a regular maintenance from professional, fully qualified technicians so that you have the peace of mind that your system will work exactly as it should in the rare event that a fire occurs.

How we can help with your fire alarm maintenance

  1. Service and Maintenance contracts to suit your system – we’ll work with you to put together a programme with regular servicing, modifications and repairs as appropriate.
  2. Ad-hoc repairs with call-outs from fully qualified engineers 365 days a year.
  3. We can work with you in the development of risk assessments for your site.
  4. Regular service calls and inspections – we’ll make routine visits to site to ensure that your fire alarm system is in full working order and in compliance with fire safety regulations; checking the status of fire extinguishers, call points, smoke and heat detectors as well as any automated controls and systems that you may have installed.
  5. Installation, testing and servicing of emergency lighting.
  6. Full reporting and certification for record keeping and compliance.

What are the Benefits of a Service and Maintenance Contract?

  • Compliance – Having regular tests and checks of your system from experts ensures that your fire alarms are in full working order, demonstrating due diligence that you are taking the maximum level of safety precaution at your site and complying with your responsibilities and the law.
  • Potential Cost Savings – Preventative maintenance of your system can help reduce costs on your equipment as you reduce the amount and regularity of replacing broken pieces of equipment. You may also find that there are savings to be made by reducing the higher expense of more ad-hoc engineering call-outs that may arise to make repairs.
  • Your own peace of mind – The fact of the matter is that your fire alarm system may never be used as you may never actually have a fire. HOWEVER, it is absolutely critical that the system is ALWAYS in complete working order so that IF THE WORST DOES HAPPEN and a fire DOES break out on the site – you need to KNOW that your fire alarm isn’t going to fail you when it really matters. By keeping it regularly maintained and serviced you know that the system is working and, while silently operating in the background, will be ready to spring in to action if a fire does break out.

We’re here to keep your fire alarms maintained

At ARC Fire Safety we have a team of fully qualified engineers on hand to make sure that you have exactly the right service and maintenance programme that meets your needs.

  • Quick and effective response to any call-outs that may be required
  • Regular visits to keep your site’s alarm fully operational
  • Professional and Experienced Engineers delivering the highest quality servicing compliant to all codes of British Fire Safety Standards
  • Flexibility of service, tailoring the plan in accordance with your requirements.

To find out more about the service and maintenance contract or agreement that suits you then give us a call. Our team of professional fire safety experts will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and put your plan into place.

Whether it is an addition to an existing system, upgrade of an older panel or a complete new installation, ARC Fire Safety has the expertise and equipment resource to ensure all your fire safety requirements are met in line with current legislation.

ARC Fire Safety is regularly audited by BAFE inspectors on all aspects of operation from internal paperwork procedures to onsite installation and maintenance work.

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