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At ARC Fire Safety Limited we can’t stress enough the importance of having a suitable, robust fire alarm system installed at your property. Hopefully, of course, you’ll never have need to use the alarm at all but, in those rare instances when a fire does occur, the quality of your system is absolutely vital for protecting both lives and the property itself.

We Provide Full Installation of Fire Alarms and Security Systems

Our team of fire installation experts can survey, design and then fully install a fire alarm system suitable to the layout and needs of your property. Incorporated into this system can also be a robust and highly effective security system to protect against intruders.

Using a combination of sensors and detecting equipment, from glass call point alarm triggers and heat sensors to CCTV monitors and access controls you can protect your building with a reliable, high quality fire alarm as well as an effective burglar alarm during working days and out-of-office hours.

Your Building Requires a Risk Assessment

The first step on the road to installing a fire and security system at your property is the RISK ASSESSMENT.

As a commercial property owner you’re required by law to have a fire risk assessment in order to demonstrate that you are both aware of the potential dangers and that you have taken reasonable precautions to protect against these dangers.

At ARC Fire Safety we can work with you and on your behalf to ensure that your risk assessments are up to date, accurate and keeping you in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Fully Comprehensive Installation of Fire & Security Alarm Systems

Based upon the findings from the risk assessment we can then carry out a fully comprehensive fire alarm installation including any security or crime prevention measures – all tailored to meet your exact specifications and to ensure that your building will be fully compliant with building and fire regulations.

We understand how important the installation of your fire and security system is to your business and the potentially devastating consequences that either event can have upon your organisation.

This is why we undertake such a thorough approach to your installation, ensuring that the equipment is of the highest quality and completely suitable to your needs and the spec of the design.

We will fit and install, according to your needs, all the appropriate fire and security equipment from:

  • Break Glass Call Point Alarms
  • Smoke Alarms appropriate to the environment
  • Heat Sensors
  • CCTV
  • Automated Fire and Smoke Detectors
  • Access Controls
  • Fire Extinguishers appropriate to the building and the materials on site
  • Emergency Lightings / Security Lights

Our installations are carried out with efficiency and, above all, care. We ensure, through rigorous checking, that each component is installed correctly and in working order to give you peace of mind that your system is robust and up to the task of providing protection to your property in the event of fire or intrusion.

The key criteria for any installation, and for the continuing use of the system, is to give as much protection to both the lives of those within the building and indeed the building itself. For this reason when you allow ARC Fire Safety to install your security and fire alarms you can be sure that you are not only receiving expertise of the highest order, but also the reassurance of working with someone who can provide ongoing servicing and maintenance to your system so that it is in the very best working order at all times.

All of our installations will be supported by a repair, servicing and on-going preventative maintenance programme that be tailored specifically to the requirements of your business and flexible enough to allow for any changes to your circumstances that the future may hold.

Whether it is an addition to an existing system, upgrade of an older panel or a complete new installation, ARC Fire Safety has the expertise and equipment resource to ensure all your fire safety requirements are met in line with current legislation.

ARC Fire Safety is regularly audited by BAFE inspectors on all aspects of operation from internal paperwork procedures to onsite installation and maintenance work.

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