Fire Alarm Design

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Fire alarm design is perhaps the most important part of the entire installation process.

Ensuring that an alarm system is correctly designed in accordance to the layout and the demands of the environment in which it will be installed provides a dramatically increased level of early warning protection against the dangers of fire and smoke; giving added protection for your property and helping to save lives.

At ARC Fire Safety, we take the design of your fire alarm seriously, using all of our expertise and experience to ensure that the system is designed, manufactured and installed bespoke to your building to ensure the highest degree of safety and protection.

Our designers, all correctly qualified to comply with all safety standards and levels of expertise, will carry out a thorough survey of the site in order to put together a comprehensive fire alarm system which will provide full coverage of all areas of the property, with no ‘blind spots’ and with the correct equipment and procedures in place for the highest level of detection and alarm possible.

Key Aspects of Your Fire Alarm Design

Correct Number and Locations for Call Points

Call Points are a crucial part of any fire alarm system with their siting, positioning and numbers paramount to any design.

  • Break Glass Call Points – These are the devices that can be used to raise the alarm to a fire on the premises. The operator will simply break the glass which will activate the system and raise the alarm
  • The call points need to be located at all exit routes as well as floor landings, staircases and at all exits out of the building
  • Nobody should be required to travel more than 45m within an area of the building in order to reach a break glass call point
  • All Call points should be free from any obstruction and located in conspicuous areas and within easy reach for all people.

Ensuring that the site is correctly zoned

When designing a fire detection system at any location it’s usually appropriate to divide the premises into zones with correct zoning forming an important part of the level of protection offered to both the lives of those within the building and the property itself.

  • Smaller (perhaps single storey) buildings with a floor area less than 300 sq. m can be treated as single zone properties
  • If floor area exceeds 300 sq.m then zones should typically be split between storeys
  • Stairwells and lift shafts should be treated as separate zones
  • Nobody should be required to travel more than 60m within a zone to locate a fire.

Automatic Fire Detection Systems

Whilst all fire alarm systems will be designed on the understanding that personal vigilance is required as part of the overall protection, the use of automatic detection systems can offer a vital component as part of an early warning indicator of fire within a property.

  • Automatic monitors and sensors can be installed to detect the early onset of a fire at a premises
  • Sensors can be managed from a central control point set according to each zone on the property
  • Automatic raising of alarms can be triggered to alert those in the building to the danger as well as offering quick response to the relevant emergency services.

Smoke Detection

At ARC Fire Safety we will ensure that correct types of smoke detection equipment are incorporated into the design of your fire alarm system as well as, of course, all being correctly located within the premises.

Our surveyors will assess the property concerned to ensure that smoke detection is correctly situated and then recommend the various types of equipment that should be in place. These could range from:

  • Infra-red or beam detectors
  • Ionisation Detectors
  • Heat Sensing Detectors

Each detector is suitable for varying types of location so, to avoid false alarms and give maximum protection it’s crucial that the correct type is installed in the correct location.

Whether it is an addition to an existing system, upgrade of an older panel or a complete new installation, ARC Fire Safety has the expertise and equipment resource to ensure all your fire safety requirements are met in line with current legislation.

ARC Fire Safety is regularly audited by BAFE inspectors on all aspects of operation from internal paperwork procedures to onsite installation and maintenance work.

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